Are you up for an unforgettable educational and cultural experience!

Whoever said learning English must be carried out in a classroom?

Our English Camp brings together individuals from all around Asia to Penang, Malaysia for a fantastic fun-filled week of learning and playing! You will get a chance to engage with other enthusiastic individuals in a most relaxing, yet interesting atmosphere.

What would you expect?

• No more than 2 hours of classroom lessons and tutorials a day
• At least 8 hours of active communication and engagement in English
• Challenging sports and games – golf, tennis, hiking, you name it!
• Social Etiquette
• Creative crafts
• Sightseeing and fun at the beach!
• Scrumptious food!

English Camps are held between June and September every year.

Do enquire with us early on this programme. Successful registrations are dependent on availability and group dynamics.

At the moment, we only have English Camps for the following age groups:

7-12歲, Elementary Level 小學組
12 –14歲, Junior Level 國中組
14-18歲, Senior Level 高中組
18-22歲, College Level 大學組
22歲以上, Adult Group 社會組

Play golf and learn English!

It is common for us to hear that business transactions costing millions of dollars were concluded at a golf course. Golf is a game of conquest and confidence as with the game of business. With English as the universal language of business, we believe learning can be both fun and intriguing to marry its lessons with the game!


Our destination is Penang Island, Malaysia’s Pearl of the Orient that emanates beauty and cultural splendour. It is also very cosmopolitan, perhaps the second busiest in the country after Kuala Lumpur. Most importantly, Penang is also home to a wide variety of golfing experiences.

Our Programme

Our programme provides a relaxed atmosphere to learn English and golf. There will be a combination of lessons on English and Golf (in English!) being conducted in the classroom, to the Tbox©, the driving range, and on the green! This programme will suit beginners and casual golfers who will have a thorough introduction to all aspects of the game in English, whilst learning the language.

For information on this programme, please contact